Microwave Oven Guru: Maintenance tips for your microwave

Buying a microwave oven is an ideal choice for people who are always on the go and want a quick meal without wasting any time in the kitchen. It’s easy to use and convenient for heating food. On the flip side, you must take good care of your microwave so it can last for a long time and maintain its great efficiency. Here at Microwave Oven Guru, we’ve listed down some maintenance tips that can help you, so check them all out below:

Clean it regularly

Cleaning your microwave is vital so you can keep it looking pristine and in good condition at all times. It also helps maintain the appliance’s great performance which is beneficial for you in the long term. When cleaning your microwave, it’s best to start with the inside. Wipe it with a dry cloth first then put a mild detergent on it to remove any extra residues. Polish it with another clean cloth to ensure no dirt is left.

Afterwards, you can clean the outside of the appliance using another clean cloth. Check every nook and cranny of it to make sure there are no grease, dust or other residues on it. You must do this regularly to avoid accumulating any old stains which can be difficult to remove if left unattended. 

Use microwave containers

Apart from cleaning your microwave regularly, it’s also advisable to use microwave containers when using it to avoid ruining the appliance. Take note that non-microwavable plastic containers melt and leave toxic particles which will affect both your food and the microwave oven. That’s why it’s important to label your containers whether they’re microwave-safe or not to refrain from any problems in the future. Some of the best examples of great materials include ceramic, glass or tougher plastic.

Be wary of any door damage

Most people make the mistake of abusing the door of their microwave oven which is often pushed harshly and pulled carelessly which destroys the entire appliance. Avoid slamming this door and practice caution whenever opening and closing it.

Cover your food

One of the best ways to avoid any dirt or damage in your microwave oven is to cover your food whenever placing it inside the device. It’s best to use microwave-safe plastic covers on them to avoid any unexpected splashes from happening which may hit the walls of the appliance and make it harder to clean afterwards.

Avoid putting metal inside the microwave

Little do many people know that placing a metal or anything of similar material in your microwave is bad for it since this causes the interior to heat up. In turn, it causes big damage to your appliance which may be difficult to repair.

Utilise the preprogrammed cooking times

Whenever using your microwave, it’s best to go with the preprogrammed cooking times for the best results. Not only does it cook your food efficiently but it also maintains the good condition of your appliance. This helps avoid any possible damage to your microwave oven which makes it last longer.

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