10 Best Microwave Oven Safe Bowl Set In India 2021

In today’s time, the microwave oven has gained a lot of importance in Indian houses. Surely it is one multipurpose solution since you can use it for reheating the food, serving the food and even offer quick heating you can store it and use it as and when needed. The best part about such bowls is it is even for those beginners who don’t even know how to cook food. This type of bowl can be put in a microwave oven and simply the convenience of ready to eat can be put in it and those who don’t know how to cook food can surely have this as the most user-friendly product to have.

The reason why such bowl is advised is that when food is available in plastic wraps and cans, you actually cannot reheat in the oven since plastic is not the one to be oven friendly. This may also harm the food and even the humans too. To make sure such danger doesn’t happen, this type of bowl is the best to be used. It is not just oven friendly but can cook the food without compromising with the food nourishment and thus make it harmless to eat.

1. Treo Borosilicate Microwave Safe Mixing Glass Bowl

This mixing glass bowl is one of the top-notch products that you can consider buying. It is light in weight and made of sturdy quality that is worth the investment that you make. This product is not just nice but also strong and looks incredibility good. In this packet, you get the combo of three which means there are 3 bowls in a white cover of different measurement 500, 1000, 1500 ml that you get. This way now you can enjoy a cooking experience in a much better way.


  • It comes with a warranty
  • It is light in weight
  • Heating becomes a lot more convenient
  • There is no risk of any damage


  • It is breakable
  • Price can be the issue

2. Unifox Microwave Safe Stainless Steel Serving Bowl Set

Kitchenware is a popular industry that is trending in the market. There is no denial to the fact that so far the company has managed to offer impeccable products and Unifox Microwave Safe Stainless Steel bowl is one perfect example of the same. This bowl comes with a set of 6 pieces that have a coating of plastic for better suability. Besides, the interior and exterior also have a stainless steel coating which makes it perfect for routine usage. Now you can enjoy your salads made and presented in this set of 6 piece bowl which can be an attention grabber of your kitchen.


  • It is light in weight and easy to clean
  • This is microwave safe product
  • These Bowls are unbreakable
  • The exterior of these Bowls is made of high-quality plastic


  • Absence of lids can be a little problem

3. Kinship India Microwave Safe Stainless Steel Bowl Set

This blue color based bowl set can add beauty to your kitchen because of its sleek design. This colorful stainless steel has a plastic coating with the lids which is why it is more user-friendly. The pack comes in different sizes such as 1 x 14 Cm, 1 x 16 Cm, 1 x 18 Cm with each having a capacity of nearly 450, 700 and 1200ml respectively. This bowl has the exterior and interior made of steel and you can further use it for reheating the food. You can even make a simple salad or serve and store your snacks like creels. Thanks to the compact storage, these bowls are dishwasher safe.


  • This product has a stainless steel coating
  • It is microwave safe
  • It is light in weight and rustproof too
  • You get easy cleaning and better storage serving solution


  • It is overpriced as compared to the quality

4. Liefde Microwave Safe Stainless Steel Bowl

This pack of stainless steel bow comes in 6 sets. It is unbreakable and easy to use which is why this product can give you better results in terms of cooking and storing food. This product comes with stainless steel and has a plastic coating which is why using it is no problem at all. Being a rust-proof and easy cleaning solution, you can use it for serving in a better way.


  • It is rustproof which is why it has a better serving life
  • It is microwave safe
  • It is easy to clean and light in weight
  • This is one unbreakable bowl


  • It doesn’t get heated up quickly as it is expected
  • This is surely not a useful microwave utensils

5. Signoraware Mixing Bowl High Borosilicate Glass

Signoraware is another well-known company that is trending in the market because of the incredible range of products that it has been providing to the customers. This is an ISO certified company which gives you a complete assurance of 100% food-grade crockery and thus make your investment worth. It is not just a leading company but is known to have gained good customer service solution due to par excellence as compared to the international plasticware brand. The company along with the Mixing Bowl High Borosilicate Glass also offers a wide cooking range, mini wonders, microwave reheating and serving tableware solution which is why it is perfect to be used for a long time.


  • You can heat up to 400 degrees Celsius
  • There is a convenient storage solution
  • It gives your kitchen much of modern and stylish look
  • It is dishwasher safe and freezer proof too


  • It is not that great in quality

6. Borosil Oval Baking Dish

This oval baking dish is best to be used for raviolis, lasagnas, pulaos, baked dishes and even vegetables. You can also make incredible sweets like gulabjamuns, rasmalasis, and dahibada’s in a much better way. This product is made of borosilicate glass which is why it stands out to be best as compared to the rest. Besides, it also has the crystal clarity even when you use it frequently. This dish is best suitable to add a perfect design to your table.


  • Clarity is perfectly retained
  • It is scratch-resistant
  • There is no porous glass which is why no odor or stain will occur
  • It is scratch-resistant
  • You can use it safely in the fridge, microwave oven, and freezer


  • It is a bit overpriced

7. H Hy-Tec (Device) Microwave Safe Stainless Steel Euro Lid Bowl

This blue set of three bowls is one of the top-notch pout available in the market today which is worth the investment. This product is best for those working women who want to cook and serve fresh food to the family and even focus on the work. You can use it in the fridge, heat the food directly and even further use it as a serving purpose. Being multipurpose, this bowl has a strong outer shell with a steel body and a contemporary look.


  • You can store and cook food in the oven
  • It is Freezer Food grade safe
  • Containers are Air and spill-proof.
  • It has an innovative user-friendly design
  • There is an international quality packaging.


  • It is a bit overpriced

8. Urban Chef Flora Stainless Steel Microwave Safe 3 Pcs

If you were looking for a reliable bowl set that is completely safe to be used in a microwave oven and has a better option than the plastic bowls, the Urban Chef Flora Stainless Steel Microwave Safe bowl set is going to be an excellent deal to go with. The set has 3 pieces of different sizes that make it an ideal choice for different cooking needs. The set has one bowl of 1250ml, 500  ml, and 250 ml capacity and if you re after a microwave-safe bowl that is great to look at and is easy to maintain, the Urban Chef Flora Stainless Steel Microwave Safe set is going to be a perfect choice to make.

Unlike the plastic bowls, the set has stainless steel inside and the high-quality polypropylene outside. This makes it an ideal choice for users who avoid microwave cookware due to their material.

With a more durable build quality and better quality material, this set has an advantage to both plastic and glass cookware that can be used in the microwave oven. So, try your hands on this amazingly designed set and get the best value for money.


  • Looks amazing
  • Can be used to reheat and store
  • Air-tight lids enhance the overall usability of the bowls


  • Won’t be a feasible buy for microwave cooking. It is only for reheating purpose

9. Kuber Industries Plastic Microwave Safe 6 Pieces Mixing Bowl Set

Kuber Industries Plastic microwave-safe bowl set is an ideal deal for those users who are looking for a multipurpose mixing bowl that can be used in the microwave for reheating purposes too. The set comes in multicolor options and the unique gloss makes them look amazing and more premium than they actually are. You can use them as the serve-ware or for salads too.

The perfect design and wide opening of the bowls make it an excellent choice for buyers who are looking to buy a perfect mixing bowl set for them. Made up of BPA free virgin plastic, the bowls are meant for long-term use. The bowls are extremely easy to clean and maintain too. So, if you are looking for a perfect value for money and an efficient bowl set that can be used for a variety of purposes, the Kuber Industries Plastic microwave-safe bowl set is going to be an ideal deal to go with.


  • Amazing performance
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Perfect build quality


  • Don’t have lids with them

10. STAR WORK – Glass Casserole Oven and Microwave Safe Serving Bowl

With the amazing design and perfect usability, the Star work glass casserole offers the best value for money without making any compromises. As the casserole is made up of glass, you can use it as a bake-ware and microwave safe cookware too.

The casserole has a glass lid that makes it an ideal choice for the buyers who are looking for perfect cookware for them. Also, the Star work glass casserole is extremely easy to maintain. You can either clean it by hand or use the dishwasher to keep it clean and shiny as a new one. Try it, and this casserole from Star Work is not going to disappoint you at all.


  • Amazing looks
  • Easy to hold and clean
  • Perfect for everyday cooking


  • Size may be an issue for some buyers


Off all things, it is first important for you to understand that microwave oven based these bowls are used because when microwave radiation in the electromagnetic spectrum can help in cooking or reheating the food but not all utensils can be safely used.

And that is why use such a reliable and durable bowl which you can use it for a long time. Now that you are much aware of microwave oven bowls it is time for you to buy the right one.

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