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Microwave Oven Guru is a platform where you can learn everything about microwave ovens such as the best brands in India and the most popular kinds in the world. We also provide various reviews about different microwave products of all sizes and prices. Boost your knowledge about microwaves by looking through all the details listed below:

A brief history of microwave ovens

For over a thousand years, cooking food using wood has been the norm but things changed when microwave ovens were introduced which required electricity to function properly. The first recorded microwave in history was made in 1490 in France. According to historians, this was created using brick and tile. Although there have been similar ovens before this one, this particular French oven was officially recognized as the first basis for an oven.

During the 18th century, Count Rumford of England was noted as the most significant contributor to the development of the creation of the oven. He made changes to the Castrol stove made by Francois Cuvilles in 1735. At that time, this specific stove was famous since it could heat multiple pots at the same time and had its temperatures easily adjustable for each pot. This invention was the basis for many modern-day stoves and ovens.

Then, this tool was improved by Zachaus Winzler who used gas rather than wood fires for cooking and heating the food. Years later, James Sharp developed a contained system based on the formerly mentioned oven. As a result, the first gas oven model was available to the public in 1834.

Around 60 years later, William Hadaway published the first patent for an electric oven. He also designed the first Westinghouse toaster. Presently, electric ovens have immensely improved as they came in various designs like stainless steel, double wall ovens and microwave ovens.

Things to consider when buying a microwave oven

By definition, a microwave oven is an appliance that helps cook food using high-frequency electromagnetic waves referred to as microwaves which inspired its name. It is a relatively small tool that’s designed like a box which is usually found in most kitchens. If you are considering buying one, try considering the following factors:

  • Price

Contrary to what most people believe, not all microwaves are expensive since they come with both affordable and pricey rates. Find the right one which suits your current means without compromising its quality. You can check out various reviews found in Microwave Oven Guru for some ideas on what’s the best microwave oven to buy that has a value for the price.

  • Brand

Knowing the brand of your microwave oven is important so that you are assured of its quality. Go with those that are trustworthy with a long history in the industry so that you can ensure the quality of their work. Try visiting the best microwave brands list on our website to see some great options.

  • Design

Picking the right design of your microwave oven is vital so that you can align it with the overall theme of your home. It should be the right size and look that suits your current space. For example, if you have a large kitchen, the big microwave is an ideal choice. Meanwhile, if you have a limited area, it’s best to go for the more petite dimensions.